SSC#32 sample suggestions

I selected all this weeks samples – i just didn’t have time to mess around and quickly found some suitables. Ijust put this up now and already people are feeling it. Pretty sure this will take it. It sounds like it must have been sampled and been at teh heart of a huge tracks, but it only has around 100 youtube plays, so maybe it’s one of those lucky finds. I’ll do some digging.

This dude plays… Rolaan Kirk has long been one of those guys i haven’t clicked with but knew was doing something special.

This one is just insanely good. I can see that people aren’t voting for it, but i’m coming back to this one. Mavis Staples on fire here.

I wasn’t joking about flipping Fresh Prince: you know we’d cook something fresh, right?

The theme for next week is 80s/90s cartoon themes?

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