ssc@#33 sample suggestions

this was a tough week with a lot of indecision. we started with an 80s theme and there were a handful of classics that we debated over. Prince’s ‘when doves cry’ kicked it off and i think was close to getting in the vote

by both ‘I feel for you’ and ‘ain’t nobody’ by chaka khan were soon up (the latter was choosen in the end – see the chaka khan remixes here)

berlin’s classic ‘take my breath away’ made it to the top three vote

along with a ‘earth & fire’s ‘last seagull’, which was an early favorite and even tied on the first vote… which meant we had to re-vote (the drama!). As it stands, we agreed that it woudl probably come back next week, which is a good call. But then, we’ll see if it really does.

Others included the theme tune to The Equalizer and also to Streethawk – those synths are lush but the whole thing was a bit too fast. In fact, it should come back.

there were more but i’ll leave it there. Oh yeah, and t’pau, ‘china in your hand’ which got zero support.

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  1. Solid gold mate, nice one.I remember nsieeg Frankie’s name misprinted in a Beat Street catalogue (a5, black and white, courier font, 20pp) back in the day as Funkie Knacklos and I’ve thought of him that way ever since. Such happy memories :)

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