SSC#39 & #40: Sample suggestions

Got two weeks in one. i don’t include every sample suggested, just the interesting ones and ones i may come back to…

SSC#40: this week it was no-beats week. well, not heavy beats at least.

Miriam Makeba: Oxgam. One of those songs i just couldnt get out of my head

1970s Bell System promo soundtrack. Seriously, how fun do you want a sample to be.. this is insanely jam-packed with heat. This is like 10 weeks of SSC in one track.

Bruno Nicolai – Apprensioni – Incertezza: this was a disappointment of a sample to many… but the one we went with and the results were worth it.

The Biddu Orchestra – 70s Funk (Nirvana) – lovely stuff in here.

Isabelle Aubret – Casa Forte [1971] – this is what we went with and the results were pretty stunning. everyone loved this.

Alan Parker – Slow Drifter – how we didn’t go with this i don’t know. the one we went with was stronger, but this is up everyones street.

The Supremes – Stop! In The Name Of Love | Acapella – one weel the gang will go with a vocal. but not this week, even though this is a beaut.

Sokak Çocuğu Ali – Aşkımı Süpürmüşler – frankly, it didn’t have a chance… the intro is amazing though, and i’ve taken it for personal use…

Gloria Gaynor – Please Be There. didnt make the vote but it was close.

Dalida – Pars – this one will come back i suspect.

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