Youtube demo weirdos: #1 funky hippy + omnichord, 2 ipads, alesis oi dock

i spend a lot of time looking at demos of software, music gear and people playing their music. a lot of these people are a little bit insane. i sas the video below and it inspired me to capture and catalogue some of these freaks. don’t get me wrong, i love every single one of these people – i am one.

I know it’s not really on-topic for sunday sample, but i’ve been pretty lazy about keeping up with the sample suggestions, so most of you don’t see this bit of the site.

So this guy was the inspiration for it all: i found him while looking at suzuki omnichords. look at the love. look how pleased he is with his omnichord. look at the moves. he’s one mash-up away from being the new nyan cat.

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